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Tirta Wangi Spa

Tirta Wangi Spa is named for the water features in the garden of the spa. Tirta means 'holy water' in Balinese, and wangi means 'fragrant', a reference to the heady scent of spices used in the spa treatments. The spa villa is situated near the reception building of Komaneka Tanggayuda, among luscious tropical gardens, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and fresh air. A Jacuzzi pool is sheltered under a pretty Balinese pavilion in the garden courtyard.

Tirta Wangi Spa was designed as a luxurious sanctuary with a villa concept. Professional staff provide healing and beauty treatments such as facials, traditional massage, and body scrubs, drawing on ancient Indonesian herbal recipes. Tirta Wangi Spa offers a variety of natural products, including luxurious Babor spa products, augmented by the peaceful ambience of the resort's mature gardens. The spa also has a salon for beauty treatments and a steam bath, as well as changing rooms, showers, and safety deposit boxes.

Tirta Wangi Spa is not limited to in-house guests only, but is open to anyone wishing solitude, ample space, and complete privacy in these rejuvenating treatments.

Tirta Wangi Spa is open daily from 9 am until 9 pm.

Komaneka Oil Massage

Aromatherapy massage oils of the purest and the highest quality are created exclusively for Komaneka Spa.

A blend of Patchouli and Lemongrass to Rejuvenating the free spirit and warming aroma sensual.

An aroma therapeutic blend of Orange and Vanilla.

A blend to invigorate the senses. Its main ingredients are Cananga, Tangerine and Lavender.

Warming and relaxing Ginger, Lemongrass and Lavender.

Komaneka Relaxing

Massage reflects human instinct to touch and caress about each other. The power of touch widely believes in relieving pain and healing sickness. Komaneka Spa offers various kinds of massage that suite your necessity.

A 30-minute session starts with Aloe Vera and mint foot wash, combination of reflexology and foot massage and finishes with aromatherapy foot wash.

A 30-minute session designed to release the tension. Using blend of Clove, Sandalwood and Nutmeg oil for stress relief.

A 60-minute session of traditional Balinese style massage, using combination of stretching, acupressure and Swedish technique to make your body relax.

A refresher treatment to awaken the inner self. Our invigorating treatments use Energizing Lime Mandarin to stimulate all five senses as it revitalizes the skin. Combining Effective Touch Massage with stem cell extracts from the Champagne pear to protect the skin while guarding against the effects of environmental stress. An invigorating scent with notes of fruity mandarin and bitter fresh lime for truly energizing results.

The Babor Effective Touch body treatments combine innovative massage techniques with hot & warm stones and ancient treatment methods. This treatment draws on acupressure, reflexology and holistic modalities that activate the body's own energy systems. Our soothing treatments use Balancing Cashmere Wood to create inner strength while enhancing the skin's natural defenses. Stem cell extracts from the Champagne pear strengthen the cells of the skin while the warm, woody scent creates inner balance. For a new sense of self.


Once a secret remedy that kept under wraps behind palace wall, lulur is a royal Javanese luxurious body scrub and one of the great courtly beauty care. Komaneka Spa adopted lulur in its Herbal Body Scrub. This famous body scrub of rice and spices is a skin softening elixir that will naturally exfoliate and deep-cleanse rough and dry skin. Lulur will amazingly eradicate dead skin cells and giving ample space for new skin to regenerate in the same time.

A gentle massage from neck to toe with a soft herbal body scrub not only stimulates blood circulation while smoothening, softening, nourishing, and rejuvenating your skin. It will also really make you feel like a princess.

Fresh fruit body mask, using blends of fruits of your choice with yogurt, honey and sesame oil, to smoothen the complexion, softening and refresh your skin. Two hours treatment of relaxing massage continued with body mask, banana leaf wrap then finished with sensual milk bath.

Boreh is pasta-like substance traditionally made from mixture of sandalwood, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, coriander and rice flour. The 90-minute treatment begins with Balinese massage, then, an amount of boreh is smeared onto your body. The paste itself has a warming effect on your skin protect you from cold and stimulates blood circulation. Finishes with herbal bath.

Enjoy full-body massage before a blend of Aloe Vera, Yam bean, and Chinese myrtle with essential oil of Kaffir lime and patchouli is good for normal skin type or Aloe Vera Extra for dry skin type, and granulated rice powder smeared all over your body. This 90 minutes session will leave your skin moist, fresh and pleasantly fragrant.

90 minutes treatment to exfoliate dead skin cells starting with traditional massage to increase blood circulation, continued with body polish using a blend of tamarind, honey, jasmine oil and fresh milk.

Komaneka Cantik

A 60-minute rejuvenating facial session, this innovative and power-packed treatment with Babor Spa Products will intensively moisturize your skin and protect your cells' DNA with Deep Moist Complex, Alpine stem cells and OsmoTec, a molecular catalyst that delivers active ingredients to the heart of the skin cells for ultimate hydration and age prevention.

A 60 minutes traditional cream bath session to cleanse and revitalize your hair using blends of Avocado, Aloe Vera, and Ginseng or herbal cream. Finished with traditional steam treatment combined with relaxing head, neck and shoulder massage.

Give your hands a treat with Babor peeling cream. This 60-minute treatment using natural salt combined with Babor Daily Hand Massage Cream helps relax your hands and nourishes your skin to give it a healthy glow.

Give your feet a treat with Babor Salt peeling cream. This 60-minute treatment using natural salt and Babor Daily Feet Vitalizer Massage Cream helps relax your feet and nourishes your skin to give it a healthy glow.

30 minutes Art coloring only.


Two and a half hours of relaxing full body massage, followed with Aloe rejuvenating skin scrub treatment and finished with herbal flower bath.

Two hours of full package enjoy with body massage, followed by dead cell skin exfoliating tamarind body polish treatment and finished with herbal flower bath.

Three and a half hours of traditional rejuvenating beauty face treatment followed by nail care treatment and finished with traditional hair treatment.

Two and a half hours of traditional rejuvenating beauty face treatment and nail care treatment.

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Fantastic hotel in a beautiful setting - We highly recommend this hotel! It's very private and relaxing, in a beautiful setting, and the staff are fantastic - all very friendly
rebeccapotter78 - Hobart, Australia
Returning 'home' to Komaneka in the heart of Ubud - Personal service level is still at it's very best, even possibly better, quietly exuding the warmth and hospitality of the Balinese
John-KT-Lim, Singapore, Singapore
Home in Bali - Komaneka at Tanggayuda is an exceptional hotel with facilities and staff that made our stay truly amazing. We only planned to stay for two nights and ended up booking another three at the end of our holiday because we loved it so much
sgb1423, London, United Kingdom